• Repiping a Home – What You Need to Know

    The plumbing system of your home is comprised of many elements. But when you think about plumbing, pipes is the first word that comes to mind. It is hard to imagine any kind of a plumbing system without pipes. Usually they are installed inside the house walls and consequently not seen. Many homeowners tend to […]

  • Possible Reasons for Low Water Pressure in Your Shower

    Low water pressure in the shower might become a real problem if it gets neglected at your home. For once, it is inconvenient to take a shower when water trickles. Also shower water pressure fluctuations can indicate more severe problems such as hidden leaks or broken water pipes. So it doesn’t matter if one shower […]

  • Do You Need to Schedule Water Testing at Your Home?

    Have you ever thought that your home drinking water could be contaminated and you just don’t know about it? The water entering your home could be filled with bacteria and dangerous chemicals. But what is the way to know if that’s true? Water testing is a great solution to this problem. There are two major […]

  • Why is My Toilet Running Constantly?

    If you noticed that your toilet is constantly running, before trying to fix it you need to understand how it works. Toilets have a fill valve, flush valve and flapper. The name “fill valve” speaks for itself – it fills the toilet tank with water and is usually located on the left of the tank […]

  • Protect your home from bursting pipes this winter: shut off garden hose bibs

    Whenever you hear about bursting pipes, the picture in your mind is terrifying – ruined ceilings, walls and furniture along with the costs that you’ll have to spend on repairing the damage. One way to prevent such plumbing disaster is to do some preventative work now before the freezing temperatures strike. You must have heard […]


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