• Why is My Toilet Running Constantly?

    If you noticed that your toilet is constantly running, before trying to fix it you need to understand how it works. Toilets have a fill valve, flush valve and flapper. The name “fill valve” speaks for itself – it fills the toilet tank with water and is usually located on the left of the tank […]

  • Protect your home from bursting pipes this winter: shut off garden hose bibs

    Whenever you hear about bursting pipes, the picture in your mind is terrifying – ruined ceilings, walls and furniture along with the costs that you’ll have to spend on repairing the damage. One way to prevent such plumbing disaster is to do some preventative work now before the freezing temperatures strike. You must have heard […]

  • Destroying America’s Sewers

    People Who Flush Personal Wipes Down the Drain Are Destroying America’s Sewers When you get online and type “flushable wet wipes” on You Tube, the search will provide you with a bunch of charming commercials and ads about this nice and convenient product as an alternative or addition to your toilet paper. A nice lady […]

  • Reasons Why to Drain Your Water Heater

    As a home or business owner you should have heard about the necessity to drain your water heater on a regular basis. So you know that to be true but you might think – “Why should I drain my water heater, if it is working properly?” In this article we will try to answer that […]

  • New Construction Plumbing

      A new generation of owners The arrival of so-called Millennial generation is one of the key trends of 2016 and following years. Presently these people are in their 20s and 30s, they start buying homes, launch entrepreneurial businesses and play a progressive role in the U.S. economy. These young adults usually picture their future […]


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