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  • What Should You Do If Your Toilet Overflows?

    As a homeowner you want to count on your toilet – it’s that the toilet should flush properly when you need it to. But unfortunately toilets get clogged, and to make matters worse – they can overflow. Preventing raw sewage from spilling over onto your bathroom floor is possible, but only if you know what […]

  • The Benefits Of Using Touchless Bathroom Faucets

    There are so many benefits of installing and using touchless bathroom faucets, especially nowadays with the spread of COVID-19 and the extreme importance of frequent hand washing. Keep reading to see how these faucets work and how beneficial they are. How do touchless bathroom faucets work? Also known as an automatic or sensor faucet, the touchless faucet […]

  • My Water Heater Is Running Out of Hot Water

    This usually happens unexpectedly. You discover that hot water turns into cold 10 minutes after you stepped into the shower. Probably, it was a bad idea to wash your hair today… So here you are standing with your shampooed hair, thinking about what could go wrong and how to wash your hair now. It comes […]

  • “Spring clean” your drains

    It’s that time of year – spring, when your house or apartment is due for an annual deep clean! Most people would have vacuuming, dusting and decluttering covered – but your home drain system is usually that area that is overlooked. Our drains (even though not necessarily seen) are used every time we do laundry, […]

  • 5 Tips for Water Heater Maintenance

    The water heater is an indispensable part of any household – it is exploited (in a good way) in every chore around your home – from doing laundry to washing dishes as well as showering and heating water. Consequently, it is vital to keep your water heater clean and functioning throughout a year. When as […]


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